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Re: AI spam filter

Nicolas George wrote:

> Hi.
> For years I have been using bogofilter as my main spam filter. But
> nowadays, neural networks and machine learning have made enormous
> progress.
> I wonder if there is somewhere in Debian a spam filter (working on the
> same principles as bogofilter: a stand-alone program that reads a mail
> from its input and outputs a diagnosis) based on these technologies and
> that people find satisfactory.
> Any advice?
> Regards,

I doubt there is something meaningful beyond bayesian spam filter. It is the
most efficient way. Neural Network is a method, which would not apply very
well to spam detection as it is more sophisticated and leads to unjustified
overhead. This is my estimation only, but I spent few years studying some
aspects of AI in the domain of text and speech processing and I think I
would qualify for opinion.
If I recall correctly bayesian method is based on providing probability by
observing 1 item in context of 2 other items, which is scientifically
proven to be most efficient. I recall there were statistics that you gain
almost nothing if you add another 1 or 2 items to the context.
At that time neural networks were introduced and we had few exercises, so I
think I also know how basically NN works. 

Regarding spam I think sooner or later more mail providers will introduce
more restrictive DKIM rules and spam should be reduced. So if you want a
modern method of fighting spam install the dkim plugin to exim and try it
out. It may take some effort to configure ... but it seems you are looking
for a project to keep yourself busy. Condition is however to have a valid
mail domain - it won't work with localhost or your ISPs IP.