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Re: AI spam filter

On Mon, 14 May 2018 13:16:01 +0100 Darac Marjal said:
> Or, in other words, while it may take several CPU-decades to train an AI 
> what a dog looks like, once it has learnt that, recognising a dog then 
> becomes a trivial task.

I can confirm to this. Once I was upto a pseudo-AI[0] project for stock market
portfolio optimization. It took months to optimize the optimizer (4 * AMD
Phenom 3400 MHz core at full load). Once it has been fine tuned, it was less
than a minute's job to calculate the next[1] buy & sell orders for a given

[0] "pseudo-AI" as it was a mixture of statistical computation and artificial
intelligence. [1] Hourly, daily, weekly, ... however one wants to use it.

Abdullah Ramazanoğlu