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Re: Running GParted and Synaptic without entering password

On 05/13/2018 09:26 AM, bw wrote:

On Sun, 13 May 2018, Richard Owlett wrote:

The result I wish to achieve is to click on the icon for either GParted or
Synaptic *WITHOUT* being asked for a password (either root's or user's).

I've found vague hints that adding a line to my local /etc/sudoers file
such as
   richard     ALL = /usr/sbin/gparted , /usr/sbin/synaptic
would accomplish my goal.
Is that correct?

I think that might work if clicking each icon actually runs those
commands from each .desktop file.

I believe it does:
  1. if logged in as root, entering "/use/sbin/gparted" runs.
2. if *NOT* logged in as root, entering "/usr/sbin/gparted" asks for password.