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Re: Debian glossary?

On Monday, April 30, 2018 09:06:09 AM Richard Owlett wrote:

> PREACH it brother. I've made similar comments in the past.
> The problem on this list is that newbies are often told
>          "*READ THE MANUAL!*"
> as if it were a panacea.

True, I guess I always (well, usually) tried to interpret that as read some 
documentation, which was often facilitated by a google search looking for, 
among other things, howtos, wikis, forums, mail lists and such, rather than, 
specifically man pages.

> The local LUG folded before I retired a decade ago. Never had a chance
> to attend any meetings as they were on weekday evenings and I worked
> graveyard shift. The nearest LUG's I know of are ~200 miles away (I live
> in RURAL S.W. Missouri where individual species of livestock outnumber
> people ;)

Too bad about the LUG, re the livestock: LOL!
> A partial solution might include "Summer of Documentation" projects
> along side of "Summer of Code".

Yes, or encouraging people to contribute to HowTos, wikis, the Linux 
Documentation Project (which seems rather moribund at this point), and such.

BTW, write to google--you might get them interested in a SOD project--or some 
other "flush" organization--maybe Amazon??