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Re: stuck at Debian's text installer numerical Software Selection menu

On 4/30/2018 12:01 PM, Alan Tu wrote:
Thanks John for confirming how things are supposed to work, that helps
because it narrows things down and I don't need to wonder what is the
correct way. In MIPS it turns out choices 10 11 is the default.
Problem averted/bypassed.

We're not going to solve it here, but its still weird. Entering 10 11
on x86 is the first thing I tried, and gnome and the rest were still
installed. The text installer is weird, sometimes I enter number,
Enter and am asked the same question again.

Looks like a bug , are you experiencing the same behavior with an older version?

For testing purposes I would check if it is fixed in the below link and reported if needed:


John Doe