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Re: stuck at Debian's text installer numerical Software Selection menu

Thanks John for confirming how things are supposed to work, that helps
because it narrows things down and I don't need to wonder what is the
correct way. In MIPS it turns out choices 10 11 is the default.
Problem averted/bypassed.

We're not going to solve it here, but its still weird. Entering 10 11
on x86 is the first thing I tried, and gnome and the rest were still
installed. The text installer is weird, sometimes I enter number,
Enter and am asked the same question again.

Thanks Dan for the encouragement. Much appreciated too.


On 4/29/18, john doe <johndoe65534@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 4/30/2018 3:00 AM, Alan Tu wrote:
>> Hi, I'm playing with Debian 9.4 stretch on other architectures via the
>> QEMU emulator (eventually for security research.) I can't figure out
>> how to handle the numerical software selection menu in the _text_
>> installer.
>> I managed to install Debian x86 inside QEMU, using the newt installer.
>> However, I'm having trouble getting the newt installer to run on
>> emulated MIPS (I only see a Go Back button at language selection,
>> that's a separate problem.)
>> I can get the text installer to launch via passing
>> DEBIAN_FRONTEND=text as a kernel parameter, and right now my objective
>> is to get Debian installed inside emulated MIPS via the text
>> installer.
>> The challenge is the Software Selection menu, with items 1-11 with
>> items like desktop environments, print server and SSH server.
>> I played with this for several hours yesterday on the x86 installer,
>> and I could not figure this out. I tried entering numbers separated by
>> a space at the prompt, entering ? at this prompt. I tried passing
>> tasks?="ssh-server, standard"
>> tasksel:tasksel/first?="ssh-server, standard"
>> with or without a space after the comma. I looked at preseed files to
>> get the right variables.
>> I read all about boot parameters. No matter what I did, desktop and
>> print-server were installed on x86.
>> I used the newt installer to get x86 Debian installed. But I'm having
>> trouble with newt installer on MIPS right now.
>> At the Software Selection menu in the text installer, with typical
>> numerical options 1-11, how do I make the selection of ssh-server and
>> standard?
>> Thanks in advance. I beat my head on this problem for several hours
>> yesterday, and I'd appreciate a helpful hint.
> You simply input eatch desired numbers seperated by spaces:
> 10 11
> will only install package number 10 and 11
> --
> John Doe