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Re: List words separated by comma and without duplicates

On 2018-04-29, <tomas@xxxxxxxxxx> <tomas@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> How can I do that with proper Unix commands?
> The "classical":
>   tomas@trotzki:/tmp$ cat foo
>   Arvo Part
>   Harold Pinter
>   Lucio Battisti
>   Antonio Amurri
>   Eduardo De Filippo
>   Eduardo De Filippo
> tomas@trotzki:/tmp$ sort -u < foo | sed -e 's/$/,/g' | tr '\n' ' '
> Antonio Amurri, Arvo Part, Eduardo De Filippo, Harold Pinter, Lucio Battisti, 
> Note that (a) the list ends with ", " (comma-space) and has no newline at
> the end, but I preferred to present a simple proto-solution easier for you
> to munge.
> The tr is there because sed goes line-wise and thus can't replace newlines.
> Except that it can; you pay for it, though [1], [2].

Not knowing anything I came up with (after some research):

sort -u < test.txt | tr '\n' ',' 

No sed. 

My list has a comma at the beginning as well as at the end, though (with
no newline, either).

But if we were going to the moon with this I would be economizing that
supernumerary process.


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