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Taming automount and cousins

  Debian stable with MATE desktop
Facts of Life:
  Some actions are much more convenient in a GUI
  Some actions require root password but may be performed by user
  Some actions have different results, if while user or root logged in
    e.g. if USB device inserted while root is active the result will be
         /media/root/[PARTITION LABEL]
         if USB device inserted while user is active the result will be
         /media/user/[PARTITION LABEL]
    or   Places->Removable Media->[partition label] clicked
Application Domain Environment/Requirements:
  The application is an iterative test sequence in which a specific
  partition will mounted/unmounted randomly by either user or root.

  The last step of an iteration will be running a script in a terminal
  with root privileges. This script may be run either logged in as root
  or as user {implies using su before launching script}

Is it possible that {instead of}/{in addition to} being mounted as [/media/root/[PARTITION LABEL]] / [/media/user/[PARTITION LABEL]] that the partition be mounted as [/media/special/[PARTITION LABEL]] ?

Assumed Caution:
  [PARTITION LABEL]'s are unique

I've looked at automount(8), autofs(5), autofs(8), autofs.conf(5), auto.master(5), mount(8). autofs_ldap_auth.conf(5), several tutorials without becoming wiser ;< [The most readable tutorial was written 14 years ago and the relevant Debian Wiki page starts by saying "NB This information is likely outdated..." ]