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Re: [Progress Report1] Re: Using debootstrap

On 04/27/2018 06:38 AM, Richard Owlett wrote:

debootstrap --verbose --arch=i386 --include=apt-get --variant=minbase
--no-check-gpg --print-debs --keep-debootstrap-dir stable /media/richard/rco
generates no error messages.
HOWEVER, very few files are actually written to the flash drive
at /media/richard/rco and a subsequent run of
    "debootstrap  --second-stage"
yields a file not found message.

I have some ideas about my problems and will have time this weekend.

I just ran a couple of quick tests of what should be a more typical case with no different results.

Has anyone personally used debootstrap to install to a flash drive?

My environment is:
  OS is i386 Debian stable
  DVD is DVD-1 of Debian 9.1.0
  Flash drive has a:
    4 GB ext2 partition
    4 GB swap partition