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Re: Using debootstrap

On 04/26/2018 02:39 PM, Felix Dietrich wrote:
deloptes <deloptes@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

its better you give example in such case

debootstrap [OPTION...]  stable /mypath/to/target/installation file:///DVD1

this is how I understand it, correct if I'm wrong

Almost: as has been stated elsewhere in this thread, at least according
to Appendix D of the Debian Installation Guide [1] you may provide a
„file://” URL to the debian/ directory below the mount point of the disc
for the MIRROR parameter, e.g.: file:///cdrom/debian/

Admittedly, I have not to tested either this or your variant.

[1] https://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/apds03.html.en#idm46014282700896

Apparently file:////media/cdrom0/debian/ work.
I say "apparently" because:
  1. I get no "file not found" messages.
  2. I have some undiagnosed problems using debootstrap.