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Re: Inexplicable memory usage after move to Debian9

I'm not sure that a ratio of 512MB swap to 1.8GB RAM really proves
anything. If the swap space matched RAM in size and still filled up, I
think that would be more definitive.

The bottom line for me is that I when I shut down everything I install
and manage on the system, it's still conuming about half a gig more
than a system running the exact same base image right after use, without
the extra memory being accounted for by monitoring tools.

Enabling swap just helped me realize that the allocated memory isn't
actively used, otherwise the system would be swapping it in/out more than
it is.

These machines (thousands) have been running on without swap on Debian 7
for a *long* time without issues. I wasn't intending on activating swap
now either. It's just a debugging step.

What I'm actually looking for is a way to trace where to which process
that mistery half-a-gig is allocated. As I said: I can't find a memory
list which acocunts for everything. This is what makes me think of a
memory leak somewhere. I just want to debug this. I'm not trying to imply
that I was solving anything by allocating RAM.

Also note this comment at the top of the stackexchange article:
"UPDATE: I'm no longer having this problem on 4.9.* Not sure when it was fixed."

I know. Just wanted to indicate that I had looked at slab allocation
issues, but it doesn't seem to be related