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Re: Using debootstrap

On 2018-04-25, Richard Owlett <rowlett@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> My goal is a very minimalist install to a flash drive. It will NOT have 
> GRUB - GRUB on this machine is on a dedicated partition for convenience 
> in some of my experiments.
>  From reading several references I believe my command should be:
> debootstrap --arch=i386 --include=apt-get --variant=minbase 
> --no-check-gpg --print-debs --keep-debootstrap-dir stable 
> /media/richard/rco /media/cdrom0/????

> I have two questions:
>    1. What should replace "????" as I'll be using DVD1 of Debian 9.1.0
>       as my "repository"?


 "if you have a stretch Debian GNU/Linux CD mounted at /cdrom, you could
 substitute a file URL instead of the http URL: file:/cdrom/debian/"

so if this info isn't obsolete, in your case, I dunno:

file:/media/cdrom0/debian/ ?

>    2. As I expect the console display may exceed the scroll back limits,
>       I wish to pipe the console display for later reference without
>       impeding answering any prompts I get. I've seen a description for
>       doing that, but I can't remember it. Pointers?

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