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Re: RME Hammerfall / VLC

On Wed, Apr 25, 2018 at 3:20 PM, Dan Ritter <dsr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> If VLC can see the card, then it's not VLC's fault.

Yeah. When I started VLC from the CLI, it looks like it found it, but
kept saying than it couldn't use the RME because the RME was busy. To
the best of my knowledge, it wasn't.

I solved the problem in a non-elegant way: I tossed VLC and replaced
it with the XFCE movie player "Parole". Parole plays movies and
audiobooks with the outstanding RME audio. It's a whole lot smaller (I
use the XFCE4 desktop, so lots of dependencies are already there) and
simpler, but it doesn't have the eq and compressor that VLC had.

> 1. Wrong output selected. (Especially common: HDMI vs analog
> out)

I tried switching to all of them. Some quit saying the RME was busy,
but there was no audio there either.

> 2. pavucontrol has muted your output.

I'm under the impression that the RME is an alsa-only device, and
pulseAudio doesn't work with it. I poked around in some of the PA
utilities and never saw the RME. AlsaMixer sees it. AM doesn't do much
of anything with the RME, but it does acknowledge its existence.

> 3. physical cable issue, including plugging into a mic jack instead of
> the headphone jack, and many similar variations.

Nope. #1 -- the inputs (I think they are line level) are XLR
connectors, and #2 -- the RME works fine with other audio software
(Audacity and Parole; I haven't tried anything else yet except VLC).

Glenn English