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lowriter: replacing two spaces after period with one space

I find myself obliged periodically to produce a .doc file (current
workflow: vim-latex(special cls I've slightly altered for my

The rtf and doc files contain sometimes one sometimes two spaces after
the period; I want one space throughout. If not for this one niggling
inconsistency, the output ain't too bad at all.

Anyway, it was not obvious to me how to replace a period followed by two
spaces with a period followed by one space in the find and replace
utility (Edit/Find $ Replace) inside lowriter. I thought I'd post the
solution I found here for others like me traipsing around eternally in the

So, 'Find $ Replace' (Ctrl+H for you hackers out there).

Open up 'Other options' and tick 'Regular expressions' (perhaps the
very bane of my existence).

In the 'Find:' box


and in the 'Replace:' box (which *doesn't* accept regular expressions,
or rather only a severely limited subset of same):

 . (that's a period)

Probably of little interest to any subscribers here, but there you go.

"Three prisoners were locked in a cell. When the largest of them finished his
food, he immediately ate the others. Too bad. An apostrophe in the right place
might have prevented a horrible crime." Joe Gunn