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Re: Using debootstrap

> From reading several references I believe my command should be:
> debootstrap --arch=i386 --include=apt-get --variant=minbase \
>   --no-check-gpg --print-debs --keep-debootstrap-dir stable \
>   /media/richard/rco /media/cdrom0/????

> What should replace "????" as I'll be using DVD1 of Debian 9.1.0 as my
> "repository"?

Have a look at the Debian GNU/Linux Installation Guide under Appendix D
[1].  The guide suggests that you can use a cdrom mounted on /cdrom by
providing a file URL for the MIRROR parameter: file:///cdrom/debian/ .
The same might work for an installation DVD.

>   2. As I expect the console display may exceed the scroll back limits,
>      I wish to pipe the console display for later reference without
>      impeding answering any prompts I get. I've seen a description for
>      doing that, but I can't remember it. Pointers?

The _tee_ program writes output passed to it over STDIN both to its
STDOUT (the terminal) and a file provided as an argument:

    debootstrap … | tee /tmp/debootstrap.output

Though by piping the output to _tee_ graphical prompts will no longer
work.  You could also just increase your scrollback buffer size or use a
screen multiplexer, like _tmux_, if your terminal emulator does not
allow setting an high enough value.

[1] https://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/apds03.html.en#idm46014282700896

Felix Dietrich