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Re: Email tutorial?

On Tuesday, April 24, 2018 3:56:06 PM EDT J.W. Foster wrote:
> I am trying once again to get an email server to run on my server. I NEED a
> qualified tutorial or some real assistance in getting it operational and
> secure. I am aware that there are MANY primers or docs on this. Problem is
> they like most are done for an individuals system and are not really
> designed for my system. So here is what I'm working with:
> 1. all IP addresses are DHCP regulated by Spectrum internet.


No offense ment, but without a static IP address for mail to be sent to, you 
anot able to run a mail server.  Why not?  Think of it this way: you live on a 
street with a row of houses (to make this simple, don't consider multiple 
streets or different blocks with the same house numbers as your block.).  You 
are in house #1.  "Snail Mail" can be sent to you as long as house #1 is 
specified.   Every couple of nights, someone comes along and takes the numbers 
off of the houses and puts them back on randomly.  Now mail going to you (#1) 
may be delivered to a different house that now has the #1 on it.

DHCP is like that, with an added twist:  When IP address change, in order for 
you to get the e-mail an association between your IP-address and your physicla 
computer, the change has to be broadcast to all the IP servers on the Internet 
before you will be able to receive mail again.  That change can take days.

So, step 1 for you is to either spend the money on a static IP address or 
check out one of the services that will show the Internet one IP address for 
you, and will keep track of yours when it changes.  My expericence with those 
is that you will, from time to time, lose e-mail.  If you are serious about 
setting up a mail server, then complete step 1.