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Re: create large ISO installation image

Frank Hall wrote:
> I'm looking to create a large ISO installation image.
> I will write the image to a large USB stick to use as installation
> media.  Therefore, I may as well include all packages.
> How do I assemble such an image?

  if you already have dvd images?  or no?
shouldn't really matter as you can download
them?  or?

> I've read the manpage of build-simple-cdd and am none the wiser; nor
> have I managed to find examples online.  I've also looked for .jigdo
> files (to use as input to jigdo-lite(1)).

  i used to copy all of the dvd's to my
external USB drive and it worked fine.

  i just did a straight cp -a into a subdirectory
like disk1, disk2, etc.

  then i added entries to the sources.list file
and it worked just fine.  complained a bit about
not having an exact signature or something but
there are options for telling apt to ignore 
such aspects.

  try this simple approach you won't really notice
a difference between having 1 or a half dozen 
entries in the sources.list file.  and for all
the time you'll sink in trying to figure out
something more fancier it may just work.

  let us know if it still works, or any problems
you encounter.

  if anything do it for the first image and see
if that works before downloading the rest.

  i did this way back in the days of lenny, but
i'd be surprised if it didn't work.