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Re: create large ISO installation image


Frank Hall wrote:
> I'm looking to create a large ISO installation image.
> [...]
> How do I assemble such an image?

The installation images are made by a package named "debian-cd".
It has its own mailing list:


which is also about the official installation ISOs themselves.

But maybe you will get more happy with an official Debian installation ISO
(e.g. DVD1) and an additional partition on the USB stick which holds e.g.
an ext3 filesystem with a local Debian repository for a line like in this
example from man 5 sources.list:

  deb file:/home/apt/debian stable main contrib non-free

where "/home/apt/debian" should be replaced by the path to the repository in
the extra partition when it is mounted by the installed Debian system.

You would have to research what is needed for such a repository. Maybe
or some of its neighbors can do the job.

At install time, you would install a basic Debian system from the ISO
add the "deb file:" line to its /etc/apt/sources.list, and then use
the big repository in the extra partition to install more stuff.

> I've also looked for .jigdo files (to use as input to jigdo-lite(1)).

Jigdo is not involved in your goal.
It is rather a way to reconstruct an ISO image from a framework file
and lots of packages from the online repositories. You want to create your
own ISO with your own uniquely large set of packages.

> The hypothetical .iso is around the size of 2.5 BD images.

The wish for an official all-in-one ISO appears on debian-cd every few months.

Have a nice day :)