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Re: is this drive dying?

On Sun, Apr 15, 2018 at 2:47 AM, Gene Heskett <gheskett@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Greetings all;

Wheezy on an atom board. Wheezy up to date.
This drive,mounted as /, has gone ro twice in 14 days. Doing nothing
but sitting there spinning and running wheezy's usual cron related stuffs.

Apr 14 07:54:58 shop kernel: [1221665.148392] ata1.00: exception Emask 0x10 SAct 0x7ff00201 SErr 0x400100 action 0x6 frozen
Apr 14 07:54:58 shop kernel: [1221665.148403] ata1.00: irq_stat 0x08000000, interface fatal error
Apr 14 07:54:58 shop kernel: [1221665.148412] ata1: SError: { UnrecovData Handshk }
Apr 14 07:54:58 shop kernel: [1221665.148420] ata1.00: failed command: WRITE FPDMA QUApr 15 02:23:13 shop kernel: imklog 5.8.11, log
source = /proc/kmsg started

Is this a bad, probably red, sata cable, or a drive with a belly ache?

Thanks folks.
Cheers, Gene Heskett
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Hey Gene,

Something's rotten. ATA failed write?  Change drive data cable first, check with smartmontools to see if the drive fails a SMART check. If a replacement drive starts doing the same thing, treat the controller as suspect. 


// jkl