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Re: No sound in Debian Stretch

Daniel Bareiro wrote:

> Hi, deloptes.
> On 10/04/18 19:36, deloptes wrote:
>>> Has anyone experienced something like that and has some clue how to fix
>>> it?
>> try
>> alsamixer -c0
>> or
>> amixer -c0
>> and see if something is muted there
>> usually 0 is the alsacard driver - it might be other index for you though
> I was also looking at the settings with the ncurses interface provided
> by "alsamixer -c0". "Master", "PCM" and "Speaker" is at maximum, unless
> I'm missing something. Here some screenshots:
> https://ibin.co/3xx7l69DriYy.png
> https://ibin.co/3xx8ERkqHJwW.png
> https://ibin.co/3xx8ac8djtS4.png
> I also tried setting "Internal" to the maximum, but it made no difference.

Automute is enabled - this means when you plug in headphone, speaker is
turned off
Headphone is also muted - no sound

strange that you mention you have no sound at all - without headphones
plugged, it should work.
check also the pavucontrol settings in both cases (the icons for default
device etc)

If nothing helps remove ~/.pulse directory and reboot or login again or kill
pulse server (it should respawn)