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Re: graphic tablet controls

Bruce Byfield wrote:

> I recently started using a Wacom Intuos Draw tablet. Its functions as a
> mouse substitute are available as soon as I plug it in, and the
> device is detected by the operating system. However, the tools
> available in desktop environments for configuring buttons and drawing
> functions don't detect the tablet, even though I can use the stylus in
> the testing area for the tools. Nor does xsetwacom work from the command
> line.
> I have built and install the latest kernel modules for the tablet, and
> added the appropriate lines in xorg.conf. Neither has any noticeable
> effect. I have consulted the Debian wiki, as well as the Llinux Wacom
> project, but nothing changes the situation. Any idea where to go from
> here?

First of all check if your Wacom device is supported by linux - not all of
them are.

For more check here