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Re: No sound in Debian Stretch


On Tue, 10 Apr 2018 19:15:35 -0300
Daniel Bareiro <daniel-listas@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi all!
> From one day to the next I ran out of sound in Debian Stretch. It's
> strange because I don't remember making any changes and everything was
> running without problem.
> I installed pavucontrol to see if there is something muted, but that
> does not seem to be the case. For example when I am playing a Youtube
> video, in "Firefox: Audiostream" and in "Output devices" (I'm not sure
> if that's what it says in the English version because I have the
> interface in Spanish here) I see how the bottom bar fluctuates as if it
> was reproducing something, but I am not able to hear any sound neither
> by the speakers nor by the headset.
> Has anyone experienced something like that and has some clue how to fix
> it?

here it has happened that pulseaudio changed its output from analog out
to hdmi without myself doing anything about it. For me it worked in such
cases to start pasystray, click on the tray icon to open the menu and go
to "Default sink" and change it back to the analog output.

Of course, this is just a shot into the dark, your problem might be
something entirely different.

Best regards,


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