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Re: transfer disk

Le 10/04/2018 à 05:48, Ben Caradoc-Davies a écrit :
On 10/04/18 14:01, mick crane wrote:
Can you pop a hard disk that boots with a Debian installation on it into another entirely different PC and will the kernel try to make sense of its new hardware ?

Mostly. I once had a disk that often moved between a desktop and laptop. If the architecture is compatible (e.g. not amd64 <-> arm64) then most likely it can be made to work. Common things that require fixing:

- Disk uses Legacy (BIOS) boot and partitioning but support is not enabled on the motherboard. Fix: turn on your motherboard Compatibility Support Module or similar.

The partitioning scheme has nothing to do with BIOS/UEFI boot.

- Disk uses UEFI but ancient motherboard does not support it. Unfixable.

Can be fixed, requires to install a BIOS boot loader on the disk.
Same if old disk and new PC have different UEFI architecture (32 and 64 bits).

- Disk uses UEFI. Motherboard supports UEFI but has no boot entry and disk may need to be manually selected. Running update-grub should fix.

No it won't. update-grub just creates grub.cfg, it does not create an EFI boot entry. grub-install would, but most often you do not have to create an EFI boot entry, you can just install a copy of GRUB in the default ("removable device") path /boot/efi/efi/boot/boot{x64|ia32}.efi, manually or with grub-install --removable.