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Re: mate-panel segfault

On 2018-04-09, songbird <songbird@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Greg Marks wrote:
> ...
>> (The instruction pointer and the stack pointer values will vary,
>> as you'd expect.)  I am running Debian 9, Linux kernel 4.6.0-1-amd64
>> x86_64, with MATE 1.16.2 desktop; my computer has a PNY Quadro K620
>> 2GB Video Card and is running libdrm-nouveau2 version 2.4.74-1 and
>> xserver-xorg-video-nouveau version 1:1.0.13-3.
>> Can anyone suggest what causes this issue and how to prevent it?
>> Best regards,
>> Greg Marks
>   i wish i had better answers for you than to suggest
> upgrade.  so many changes have been made to MATE since
> 1.16...  i'm not sure if the MATE devs would even get 
> into trying to debug.
>   songbird

Just to elaborate on that, MATE 1.18 is available in stretch-backports.