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Re: how do i tell usb to leave keyboard alone?

On 2018-04-08, songbird <songbird@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Brian wrote:
> ...
>> You could resolve the idea that sane is involved with
>> apt purge libsane
>   that takes out:
>    colord
>    hplip
>    libsane
>    printer-driver-postscript-hp

He probably means you purge it, then see, then know (at which point
reinstallation is, of course, your option and your right).

The purge is a troubleshooting measure, not a definitive renouncement.

>   which 3 out of the 4 i do use.
>   i've removed every *sane* package i can without taking
> out things i actually use.  that was my first approach
> to dealing with it before i got into other angles.
>   all ok this afternoon so far...  :)
>   songbird

"Poor juvenile solutions, explaining nothing. No need then for caution, we may
reason on to our heart’s content, the fog won’t lift." --Samuel Beckett