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Re: etherape - why removed?

On Mon 09 Apr 2018 at 16:31:12 (+0200), Hans wrote:
> Hi Roberto and the Wanderer for making some things clear. My fault, that I 
> interpreted the website of tracker not correctly. 
> However, it is not understandable for me, why a package has to be removed (due 
> to a bug) instead of keeping the last running version, and then, when a newer 
> and running version exists, to substitute the latest running version with the 
> higher version. 
> Or equals, subtitute the latest running version with a fixed version. To 
> remove a defektive version completely in testing is IMHO not the best way.
> Please excuse, I do not want to mourn about this philosophy, I just wondered 
> about it.  :)
> On the other side, this might be the best way, and I suppose a lot of people 
> had thought a long more time about this than me!

To me it appears that you expect "testing" to be a rolling release
that's more up-to-date than "stable". It isn't that. It's an attempt
to build what will become the next "stable" after release day.
As such, the rules are different.

If you install testing, you're expected to understand that and take
account of it in the way you upgrade (and maintain security of)
your system. (That's the short answer.)