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Re: etherape - why removed?

Hi Roberto and the Wanderer for making some things clear. My fault, that I 
interpreted the website of tracker not correctly. 

However, it is not understandable for me, why a package has to be removed (due 
to a bug) instead of keeping the last running version, and then, when a newer 
and running version exists, to substitute the latest running version with the 
higher version. 

Or equals, subtitute the latest running version with a fixed version. To 
remove a defektive version completely in testing is IMHO not the best way.

Please excuse, I do not want to mourn about this philosophy, I just wondered 
about it.  :)

On the other side, this might be the best way, and I suppose a lot of people 
had thought a long more time about this than me!

Best regards