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Re: SSD's and many edits of a single file

>> A big, rapidly blinking BLOCK cursor would help these old eyes find
>> it a lot easier.  But in 20  years thats fallen out of style, dammit.

100% idle state is important to reduce power consumption, so blinking
while otherwise idle is to be avoided in general, yes.  But it's OK to
blink when there's other activity.  E.g. in Emacs, after execution of
a command by default the cursor blinks (by default) for upto
`blink-cursor-blinks` after which it stays solid.

> The cursor is a function of the terminal, not of the text editor
> running inside the terminal.

That's only for those editor that run within a text-terminal (and even
in those cases, the editor can decide to control the cursor's blinking.
Emacs currently doesn't, but I use a local patch which does let it do
so, so it obeys `blink-cursor-blinks`, `blink-cursor-interval`, and
`blink-cursor-delay` rather than).