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Re: etherape - why removed?

On Mon, Apr 09, 2018 at 04:04:46PM +0200, Hans wrote:
> Hi,
>  I am still confused about debian package philosophie.
> I can see, etherape is migrated successfull to testing, and now it is removed 
> without a reason. It looks like there is an automatismn behind this. Debian-
> Tracker showed no clear information - or I did not recognize it. 

The package information is located here:


If you look at the "testing migrations" information, two bugs are
referenced: #885796, #894313

If you click the link for the news entry "[2018-04-07] etherape REMOVED
from testing" then you will see that it references the same two bugs.


Both of those bugs have release-critical severity. They make the package
version against which those bugs are filed unsuitable for release. Since
the intent of the testing distribution is to serve as the preparatory
area for the next stable release, the package must be removed after some
time without the bugs being fixed.

> Similar thing I can see from time to time: A package is working in stable, 
> then it is removed in testing, but appears in unstable at higher version 
> again. Why then not let the higher version in testing be alive? 
The reason for this is the same as I gave above.



Roberto C. Sánchez