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Re: SSD's and many edits of a single file

On Sunday 08 April 2018 23:13:28 Stefan Monnier wrote:

> >> > And eventually the updates made to the file are not actually
> >> > saved,
> >>
> >> Can you be more precise than "eventually"?
> >
> > Probably 100+ edits and saves over 4 or 5 hours.
> >
> >> More importantly: what makes you think they're not actually saved?
> >
> > Going to another shell and cat'ing the file shows the old contents.
> So the actual disk isn't to blame (cat'ing a file that was just saved
> won't look at the disk anyway).

Whats it look at 5+ minutes later?

The file had not been updated yet an hour later. Ext4's journal in my 
understanding has a maximum of 5 minutes to sync?  Its now around 10 
hours later and has not yet been updated with the last two lines I'd 

> Sounds like a bug in your text editor.

Maybe, its geany. Lots of people seem to like gedit, but its saves are 
the cause of important configuration files being written back to disk 
with the line order totally trashed, as if you had thrown it on the 
floor in 512 byte pieces, then picked it back up and reassembled it in 
random order. Then try to recover a 1400 LOC configuration file...

Thats happened using gedit enough, on several different machines here 
that its been expunged from my systems, all of them.

Nano would do what I need, but its half a screen jump scroll leads to 
mistakes on my part because its too easy to loose track of the cursor 
when it does scroll.

What else is a good editor? And lets not start yet another vim vs emacs 
war. kwrite and kate come to mind. I'm running Trinity Desktop, maybe I 
should check them out. Whatever, needs to be able to have several files 
open so I can just click back and forth on the tabs as I usually 
separate the files into what uses which cutting tool.

Advice checked out.

Thanks Stefan.

>         Stefan

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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