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Re: SSD's and many edits of a single file

On Sunday 08 April 2018 22:17:33 Stefan Monnier wrote:

> > And eventually the updates made to the file are not actually saved,
> Can you be more precise than "eventually"?

Probably 100+ edits and saves over 4 or 5 hours.

> More importantly: what makes you think they're not actually saved?
>         Stefan

Going to another shell and cat'ing the file shows the old contents. 
Linuxcnc also has a code display that tracks the execution, and new 
contents is not displayed in that window either.  Takes several hours to 
start failing though. I went out to install some keying screws in some 
brass slugs intended to hold threading taps, started at about 13:30, and 
it was doing the silent failure at 17:30.  Machine uptime was about 47 
days, and linuxcnc had not been shut down and restarted in a week.  I 
have SSR's to kill motor power when disabling linuxcnc, but leave it 
running so that I can restart the motor power without having to go thru 
a lengthy re-homing operation.

This seems to be related more to how busy the editor is rather than the 
uptime of linuxcnc.

Now I've rebooted, and the code won't get much more TLC until the next 
project. So I don't expect any more trouble until I start on the next 
phase of this project, probably at least a week down the log since I 
have about 50 more of this part to finish, taxes to do by the 15nth, and 
a safety rail beside a ramp I just built into the front deck so I can 
wheel the missus around in a wheel chair. We've both reached the golden 
years, and passed them by by 2 decades.

Yeah, I was a geek before the word was invented. :)

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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