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Re: any continuous integration tool in the repo?

On Sat, 7 Apr 2018 03:47:19 +0300 Abdullah Ramazanoglu said:

> It's even more interesting that the packages "apt-cache search" misses
> are actually accessible in the repo and I can see them all via
> apt-cache (pkgnames, show, showpkg, etc.) if I specifically name them.
> For instance;
> ~$ apt-cache pkgnames debci
> debci-collector
> debci-worker
> debci
> All have the string "continuous integration" in their short
> descriptions. But "apt-cache search continuous integration" reveals
> only debci-worker. This is weird.
> I have tested it with both apt version 1.6~alpha7 and 1.6~beta1 with
> the same results.
> Anyone can confirm this apt-cache behavior, with apt version
> 1.6~alpha7 or above?

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Abdullah Ramazanoglu