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Re: how do i tell usb to leave keyboard alone?

songbird wrote:
> David Wright wrote:
>> On Sat 07 Apr 2018 at 14:38:53 (-0400), songbird wrote:
>>>   i have an USB keyboard, which once in a while goes
>>> useless.  it is a fairly new device and should not be
>>> defective, but i'm not sure how to tell if this is a
>>> problem from the device or from the kernel or ?
>> Try googling   usb keyboard autosuspend.   You should get hits for
>> checking/setting /sys/bus/usb/devices/*/power/autosuspend (ephemeral)
>> and the archlinux wiki explaining udev rules (persistent).
>   i'll bring out that gun if i have to, so far so
> good with the masking the scanner approach.  the
> keyboard hasn't dropped all afternoon *knocks on
> wood head*...

  i did have keyboard drops last night.  fell asleep
with the computer on so i know it wasn't me doing it.
:)  today i applied bigger hammer in udev rules file.

  previous masking of sane items made no difference
to that issue and i still think they may be related

  i went back to the bios and tweaked it some more.
been busy today typing so no drops the past few

  watching things via udevadm monitor to see if
that gives more info if/when it happens again.  first
i did make sure of what it looked like during a
normal disconnect like when i unplug/plug it back in.