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Re: any continuous integration tool in the repo?

On 2018-04-06, Abdullah Ramazanoglu <ar018@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ~$ apt-cache search continuous integration
> debci-worker - continuous integration system for Debian (worker daemon)
> fwupd-tests - Test suite for firmware update daemon
> lava-dispatcher - Linaro Automated Validation Architecture dispatcher
> lava-lxc-mocker - Linaro Automated Validation Architecture LXC Mocker
> lavacli - LAVA XML-RPC command line interface
> libtap-formatter-junit-perl - Perl module for converting TAP output to
> JUnit XML output ocrmypdf - add an OCR text layer to PDF files
> trac-bitten - continuous integration plugin for Trac
> trac-bitten-slave - continuous integration plugin for Trac

I tried the above, got much more voluminous output. Thing is it returned
"texlive-pictures" (because one of the tools had the word "continuous" in its
description, and another "integration").  

Maybe the way to go is

 apt-cache search "continuous integration"

which will only return packages whose descriptions contain the *phrase*
"continuous integration."

Or is that right? 

> Regards

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