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On Thu, Apr 05, 2018 at 09:14:51PM -0400, Stefan Monnier wrote:
> >> UUIC that's partly why it's finally losing popularity and being replaced
> >> with json for that use.  I'm not familiar enough with json to know if
> >> it's really a good replacement, but it does look like an improvement.
> > that is simply not true.
> Did you read the text to which I was responding?  Because your reply
> does not seem to contradict mine: I was talking about uses of XML for
> "data serialization".

Exactly. And that's the "misunderstanding" part I was talking about.
XML was intended as a document serialization language (as was SGML).
As such, it's passable, although (by far!) not pretty. It has been
misused as a data serialization language, and that's the problem.

Now JSON *is* a much better data serialization language (it does have
its problems, mind you: among other things having "integers" and not
telling you whether there's a max int or what happens when you pass
that possible limit).

The JSON folks don't help, in that they stubbornly talk about a
JSON "document" and pit "JSON vs XML". They are different beasts.

Try writing your next letter in JSON to see what I mean (this is
more directed at deloptes: you, Stefan and me are in violent agreement,
I think).


- -- tomás
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