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On 06/04/18 09:33, deloptes wrote:
Stefan Monnier wrote:
UUIC that's partly why it's finally losing popularity and being replaced
with json for that use.  I'm not familiar enough with json to know if
it's really a good replacement, but it does look like an improvement.
that is simply not true. JSON might be more simple, and might be a
replacement to XML in some cases, but XML has the features of SGML and per
XML is not a single Markup Language. It is a metalanguage to let users
design their own markup language.

Indeed. XML has W3C XML Schema, and stronger validation can be specified with Schematron (an ISO standard). JSON Schema is only an IETF draft. JSONP allows avoidance of JavaScript XMLHttpRequest same-origin rules and has increased the popularity of JSON, but the modern solution is CORS.

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