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Re: utf

On Thursday, April 05, 2018 08:42:39 AM rhkramer@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I'm laughing (at myself)--I just checked my mail directory, I have at least
> 4 mbox files (and then I stopped looking) greater than 175 MB.  One of
> them, my inbox, is 2.8 GB--no problems.
> I do need to compact my inbox, and I did, but maybe the actual file isn't
> changed until I quit kmail--I'll try that later.

Just an update, in case someone is trying to follow along--it turns out (and I 
remember now) that kmail disables compaction on large mbox files "for safety 

I forget how I've done it in the past--I probably copied the still valid 
emails into a temporary mail folder, deleted the current inbox, then created a 
new inbox and moved the emails from the temporary folder back to the new 
inbox.  I'll do all that with kmail not running.

(Getting old is aggravating.)

I might also look for a utility that can compact mbox files--at first glance, it 
looks like archivemail can do that and is in the repository for Wheezy.