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Re: Invalid UTF-8 byte? (was: Re: utf)

On Wednesday, April 04, 2018 02:45:49 PM Don Armstrong wrote:
> On Wed, 04 Apr 2018, rhkramer@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > I've considered maildir--it meets some of my requirements (that is, to
> > make something close to an askSam workalike), but one drawback is that
> > it is essentially one email (i.e., my "record"). One of the desirable
> > features of askSam is that you did not have to create a new file to
> > add a new note / record, you just start typing in an existing open
> > record and then, as time or other constraints allow, you can add more
> > "tags" or a record separator. (It's been so long since I've used
> > askSam I actually forget what had to be done (f anything) to separate
> > a new record from the previous record).
> You might want to consider looking at org-mode too.[1] There are
> even integrations for notmuch+mutt+Maildir there.
> 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJTwQvgfgMM

Thanks for the link / pointer to org-mode.  From the little I've looked at, it 
has several similarities to what I'm doing--for example, the collapsible 
outlining / folding, and the use of a mark-up language (I use the TWiki markup 
language with a few extensions / modifications--oh, and that reminds me (if 
anyone is keeping track of my mashup)--TWiki / Foswiki are other programs that 
are part of the mashup--records in my mashup are maintained in a form that 
would work as a page (they use a different word--ohh, topic) of a TWiki / 
Foswiki, and someday I'd like to have an automatic import / export facility--
in my home mashup.

With that automatic import / export facility, I could designate certain 
records to be "public" (or something like that) which would mean: (1) if they 
were not on my public TWiki / Foswiki, they would be automatically exported 
(when I was connected to the Internet and designated that it was appropriate 
to "sync" my home storage with the public wiki), and (2) any public wiki pages 
that might have been modified (by others) would be copied to the mashup as 
backup.  (Also, if a mashup page was designated as "public", after I made 
changes on the mashup they would (at an appropriate time) be uploaded to the 
public wiki.

I could discuss my hate-hate relationship with Emacs--I tried a few times to 
learn Emacs, and had difficulty for a variety of reasons.   Part of it was my 
hate-hate relationship with Lisp, another part was that Emacs (at the time) 
seemed much less GUI / mouse friendly than the editors I had grown used to in 
my DOS / Windows days (even though I learned (and liked) a lot of shortcut 
keys--I guess maybe an early encounter (with shortcut keys) was with Wordstar, 
and then I used a shareware editor (that I paid for--high praise indeed from 
me) that used the same set of shortcut keys--I can't remember the name of that 
editor atm.

Anyway, thanks for prompting me to reminisce.  

I know that at the times I looked at Emacs (and Xemacs) they had outline mode, 
I'm not sure I recall org mode.  I expect I will spend a little more time 
looking further into org mode, although I think my mashup has or will have the 
features I've seen there so far.

(Aside: My mashup uses kate as the editor, but because of some long standing 
bugs in kate (which, finally after several years were supposedly fixed a few 
years ago) I had to add closing markup to the opening markup of TWiki / 
Foswiki.  In the meantime, I decided I wanted to switch to using any Scintilla 
based editor (there are a lot) as the editor, but so far, have not got a 
folder / highlighter written for Scintilla.  (And, the one time I tried to 
test the fixed Kate, it didn't seem to work as promised, and I just left it as 
is, still requiring the ending markup.))

Thanks again for the response!