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Re: Invalid UTF-8 byte? (was: Re: utf)

rhkramer@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I'll probably look into notmuch, just for kicks.
> I've considered maildir--it meets some of my requirements (that is, to
> make something close to an askSam workalike), but one drawback is that it
> is essentially one email (i.e., my "record").  One of the desirable
> features of askSam is that you did not have to create a new file to add a
> new note / record, you just start typing in an existing open record and
> then, as time or other constraints allow, you can add more "tags" or a
> record separator.  (It's been so long since I've used askSam I actually
> forget what had to be done (f anything) to separate a new record from the
> previous record).
> askSam basically stores all it's records in one file, although it is (of
> course) possible to separate them.

I still don't understand why not use XML. If file is not getting too big
(which is also a problem with mbox). You may need to adapt your
applications, but it won't be more effort then making shit out of shit -
sorry for my language.