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Re: utf

rhkramer@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Oh, I wasn't aware that mbox was deprecated--can you shed more light on
> that. AFAIK, it is not defined in an RFC and is used by quite a few email
> programs.

yes but Maildir format was introduced for couple of reasons (as well as
other formats). I wouldn't store my mail in mbox anyway. For local
system/user mails as a simple default storage perhaps yes - it might be OK,
but for public mail, where you have 1000+ mails and perhaps multiple
interfaces ... no chance.



I have worked on cloud mail solution using dovecot with mysql backend for
18mil customers. Another company was using dbmail with mysql with very good
But this goes somehow off topic in regards of original UTF

The only advantage I see with mbox is that it is really simple.