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Re: utf

Greg Wooledge (2018-04-04):
> The problem is, you reject every single example that everyone gives
> you.

I do not reject them, I refute them.

> I don't know what you expect from us.

Acknowledge that I am right once I have refuted all your examples and
you have eventually understood my point.

At this time, you have not yet understood.

> You just seem to have Decided, for reasons known only to you, that
> The Character Length Of A String Is Not Useful.  Despite literally
> decades of programs that have used strlen() in various ways.

Decades of programs that were variously limited or flawed. Most of them
working only with a subset of English and English-like languages.

> Have you never been given ANY kind of problem that involves analysis
> of character strings?  Ever?  At all?

Analysis? Yes, of course. Tons of them. They are all about SCANNING the
string, not jumping randomly in it.

> What if the question is "Find all the English words that have an E
> in the 5th position and a U in the 7th"?

Yes, what? Who would ever ask such a question? What is the point of such
a question?

The point of such a question is only to try and disprove my point, but
my point is about useful operations, and therefore artificial questions
like that will not dent it.

> I mean, seriously, at some point you either have to accept that one
> of our examples is good enough to justify the existence of strlen()
> and character-based string indexing, or we just label you a loon and
> ignore everything you say henceforth.

To be honest, I do not care much what "you" think about me.


  Nicolas George

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