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Re: What is the universal (world wide) understanding behind degaussing harddisks?

David Wright wrote:
> On Mon 02 Apr 2018 at 13:07:48 (-0500), John Hasler wrote:
>> Heating the disks to well above the Curie point of the magnetic coating
>> is guaranteed to destroy all the data.
> But how to determine what the curie point of the particular drives is
> might be taxing. And the contents of disks have been recovered from
> drives in buildings consumed by fire.

Not really. Toss into a crucible, wait until it has melted. In the event
the drives use "standard" ceramics, this is only about 1600 C (slightly
hotter than iron, slightly cooler than titanium)

Even your standard propane blowtorch will hit upwards of that
temperature in air.  Granted, you'd do better using a 2-gas propane +
oxygen (2800 C) or acetylene + oxygen (3100 C) setup.

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