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Re: utf

On 2018-04-02 08:00 +1200, Ben Caradoc-Davies wrote:
> On 02/04/18 02:05, mess-mate wrote:
> >howto change the system utf to eu character set ?
> Why? UTF (especially UTF-8) is vastly superior for all purposes:

I wouldn't say that. UTF-8 breaks a number of assumptions. For
1) every character has the same size,
2) every byte sequence is a valid character,
3) the equality or inequality of two characters comes down to
   the equality or inequality of the bytes they encode to.

With ASCII and the many encodings based on it, most things can
be done without having knowledge of the encoding. With UTF-8,
even basic operations like determining the length of a string or
reporting at what column an error occurred require knowledge of
the encoding.

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