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Re: XFCE problems

On Sat 31 Mar 2018 at 10:54:23 (-0400), Cindy-Sue Causey wrote:
> In my (also XFCE4) case, what likely happened appeared *possibly*
> related to memory.. *possibly* not. I lost "control" of the cursor for
> a few seconds. Could move it around, but that was it. Neither left
> click nor right click *appeared* to respond.

The problem when the cursor sticks, and clicks produce no response, is
that the actions can stack up and get executed a few moments later.
Where on the screen those clicks end up clicking is anybody's guess,
because the invisible cursor movements in between that you made
unintentionally have also been stacked up.

> I'd be paranoid in my case if it wasn't for keeping a constant eye on
> "free -m" lately. 6GB of memory keeps vanishing with my Opera browser.
> Seems a rational causative.
> Important factor is that yes, that much [lost] memory is definitely
> directly tied to the browser. That memory's consumed as soon as I
> refresh all opened tabs before logging onto the Net on a fresh reboot.

I've stopped using Opera since using my mega /etc/hosts file (with
13000 hosts pointing at, but it seemed to me that when you
start it up, it immediately tries to reload all the tabbed pages that
were open when you finished last time.

OTOH while Firefox displays the little tabs in the tab bar, each one
is reloaded only when you actually switch to it, as evidenced by the
spinning circle before the page appears.

When memory is scarce, the difference is dramatic. Opera thrashes
swap which makes it difficult to display the one page you're now
interested in. FF doesn't thrash, so you can click on the tab you
really want and it gets displayed more quickly.

> Then again, I *am* paranoid in my case because the uncontrollable
> actions are not happening endlessly while computer memory has been
> maxxed 24/7 for weeks.

Do bear in mind that linux can appear to use a lot of memory merely
because it's there to be used. IOW why free any memory until you need
it for something else. Leave it cached there in case the data needs
to be used later.

> So far, uncontrollable incidences have only occurred on two different
> days while involving three distinct, non-intended actions. All three
> incidences have involved a total of possibly 30 seconds of my
> conscious awareness.