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Re: utf

On 2018-04-01 16:05 +0200, mess-mate wrote:

> howto change the system utf to eu character set ?

If, by "eu", you mean ISO 8859-1 or -15, here is the procedure
that works for me :

1) Run

     dpkg-reconfigure locales

   and select some appropriate non-UTF-8 locales. When asked
   what the default locale should be, select a non-UTF-8 one.

2) In your ~/.profile, ~/.bashrc or whatever is relevant, make
   sure that none of LANG, LC_ALL, LC_CTYPE, LC_MESSAGES and
   friends name a UTF-8 locale. You may not have to be so
   drastic but then you will have to understand the somewhat
   counter-intuitive rules of precedence among those variables.

3) Run

     dpkg-reconfigure console-setup

   and make some sensible choices. Annoyingly, the scripts or
   programs that configure the console (/dev/tty1 .. /dev/tty6)
   in Debian set the keyboard to UTF-8 despite your preferences.
   The incantation to (temporarily) fix that is

     setupcon -k -v
     stty -iutf8

Note that I don't use any fancy desktop environments. I wouldn't
be surprised to learn that those who do must follow different

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