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Re: How to shut down

> Don Armstrong:
> > You can use either. `shutdown -h now` on a machine with systemd
> > actually invokes systemctl with the equivalent of systemctl poweroff
> Yes, I've checked again and now 'systemctl poweroff' does power off
> the machine. No idea on what changed.


By default, Ctrl-Alt-Del reboots the machine.
As has been pointed out once in this list (thanks to Michael Biebl),
you can have Ctrl-Alt-Del power off the machine by adding a link
/etc/systemd/system/ctrl-alt-del.target pointing to

# ln -s /lib/systemd/system/poweroff.target /etc/systemd/system/ctrl-alt-del.target

However: if you then keep Ctrl-Alt-Del pressed for a second, the
machine still reboots.
That way, you could use Ctrl-Alt-Del for both poweroff and reboot.