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Re: XFCE problems

On 31/03/18 11:45, Dennis Wicks wrote:
I use XFCE and usually my name, the clock and some other
stuff is at the right of the top status(?) bar and the App
icon and window names are at the left. And they stay there.
Something has changed. everything is bunched up to the left
and changes in size depending on how many windows I have in
the workspace.
Does anybody know what/where I have to change to get the
behavior back to previous?

The top bar is likely a Panel. Layout and contents are very configurable. Right-click on it, choose Panel / Panel Preferences ..., then choose the Items tab. You can then examine every item in the panel.

One thing to watch out for are Separator items, which have an Expand checkbox. These are the main thing I use to change layout. They are invisible and you can also right-click on them directly. Expanded Separator items in a panel share any unallocated space. Quite flexible, but if you are not aware of the Expand checkbox and accidentally change it, the layout will be quite different.

If you add a Separator with Expand checked between the items you want on the right and the items you want on the left, you will likely get the layout you had previously.

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