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wifi on debian standard install

I found out wpa_passphrase is on the debian disk1 though located in /sbin not /usr/bin. I also found after having run wpa_passphrase and copying the hex string password from its output and replacing the insecure passphrase left in /etc/network/interfaces once that file had been copied to the hard drive that the connection ifup does still works. So first thing for me to do is write up a step-wise procedure and then get an account so I can add it to the debian wiki. It's possible to strip the hex out of wpa_passphrase output using tail and cut and save that in a temporary file for later use. It may be possible to run a pipe directly into /etc/network/interfaces before system does first post-install boot and have the wifi network come up securely but I need to explore that further so what I offer to debian wiki will be as bulletproof as possible. I ended up doing a standard install since for whatever strange reason after desktop and mate got installed I could edit my network connection with nmtui but couldn't activate it.