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Re: A Problem with Firefox Quantum

On 2018-03-30, Stephen P. Molnar <s.molnar@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I am running Debian Stretch on my Linux platform and have a rather 
> annoying problem.
> I have upgraded Firefox to Firefox Quantum, currently v-59.0.2 
> (64-bit).  Unasked for by me every time that I run a search I get 6 
> search recommendations.
> Google has come up with how to remove the pocket, how to remove search 
> engines, how to remove . . . . but the 'Search Recommendations' persist.
> Has anyone figured out how to get rid of the blasted thing?  No, I 
> really don't want to switch browsers.


Which says:

  un-check() the Provide search suggestions box in the Search section
  of Firefox's preferences...

Or are you referring to something else entirely?

> Thanks in advance.

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