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Re: how do you send mail to another user on a local debian machine

Dan Hitt [2018-03-29 13:50:54-07] wrote:

> In emacs, i tried the address otheruser@host, otheruser,
> otheruser@localhost, otheruser@host.local
> Here, 'host' is to stand for the hostname of my box, stripped of any
> domain information.
> In all four cases, it opened a new tab in my firefox browser, showing
> gmail, with the message loaded, and the 'To' field populated.  (In the
> case of otheruser, it was underlined in red.)

(Sorry for not having read previous messages the the thread.)

Emacs has different ways to send mail and that's configured with
variable send-mail-function or message-send-mail-function (if you use
message-mode for composing mail).

It seems to me that you want to use locally installed sendmail program
(or compatible) for sending mail so you would configure Emacs like this:

    (setq message-send-mail-function 'message-send-mail-with-sendmail)

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